There are countless benefits if you include fencing in your landscape design. Fencing plays an enormous part in increasing the value of your property on the whole. Adding fences are not only for their aesthetics but also for their functionality. The purpose you are adding a fence to your landscape determines the type of fence. So, we recommend you consult professional fence building services to advise you through the process. At Project Landscape, we offer premium fencing services, and our experts will help you and will guide you all the way through the process.

The purpose you are getting fencing done on your property helps determine what type of fence you need to get. If you live in Calgary, you need to be very mindful of the weather and climatic conditions. It is because Calgary fencing tends to be very different from fencing in other areas. It may be because of the weather conditions of Calgary. Moreover, there are many reasons why people get the fencing done. It can act as a way to keep the animals or people out of your garden. Sometimes fencing adds to make your landscape more private.

Once you have determined why you want fencing done, you may want to look at the kind of fence you need to get. Though there are many fencing materials you can find, wooden fencing is a pretty standard option to opt for. Especially if you want to add a rustic theme to your landscape, wood is the most natural option. First of all, it adds a classic touch to your property by making it look more pleasing to the eye. Plus, when it comes to wood, the design options are unlimited. You can get a solid fence for privacy purposes, or you can add the post and rail type of design to make it look beautiful and classy.

Since wood is a natural material, it is prone to get damaged and decayed in time. That is why a pressure treated fence is a good option; you can opt for fencing. It is because pressure treated wood has the best functionality. It undergoes a chemical treatment to make it more robust to help withstand various weather conditions. Also, it prevents any molds from growing on your wooden fence.

The best thing about pressure treated fences is that it requires very little maintenance. A regular wood can last for a few years, but the pressure treated wood has better durability and can last for years and years without damage. It can also withstand heavy storms and rainfalls and endure any wear and tears in years to come, also resisting rot, termites, and fungal decay. In addition, pressure treated fences are a good and reasonable option. Even in a budget, pressure treated fences tend to make your property more attractive.

Looking for an experienced Calgary fencing company!

Project Landscape has become the go to company in Calgary and surrounding areas. Pressure treated wood fencing is still the most common material in today’s market. It’s affordable, offers privacy and has the natural look that complements any landscape.

Our pressure treated wood fences and gates are built with micro-pro sienna lumber, which is a grade 1 premium wood and has a life span of 25-35 years.

Pressure treated fence construction:

All our wood fencing is built from scratch, no box-store pre-built panels. The posts preferably 4 x 6 or 6 x 6 are set in an augured hole with a minimum depth of 3.5 feet. The concrete is then mixed and poured in the hole to approx. about 2 inches from the top. We use grade 1 premium wood for all your horizontal rails that are screwed in with weather treated screws.


The gates are custom built on site. They are constructed with a grade 1 premium pressure treated wood, built with a no sag design and fitted on 6 x 6 posts for lasting results. The width of the gate will play an important factor in the longevity. A single gate should not be much wider than 3.5 feet. If a larger opening is required, we would prefer to go with metal support brackets or with a barn door style opening.

Gates are quoted out at “standard selection” to make things easier for the customer when estimating. From there we have add on features such as gate inserts, gates with rounded tops and pergola styles that can be built over top of your gate to create the perfect entry way.

All of our standard gates are equipped with 2 hinges that support the weight of the type of gate you choose, a standard latch set and a header board that increases the overall strength of the gate.