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One of the best ways to increase your home’s value in Calgary is to have good curb appeal, and what better way to do this than to add paving stones? If installed correctly, paving stone patios or walkways can be a great landscape enhancement to any residential or commercial property. We take our installation process very seriously at Project Landscape. We check everything from proper drainage to a solid sub-base, and we work our way up, making sure every patio or surface we construct is built to last.

Patio Pavers vs Concrete

“In terms of value, paving stones are considered to be one of the only hardscape products that instantly adds value to your Calgary home upon completion.”

best patios calgaryCost Comparison

Standard concrete slabs are generally lower in cost per square foot than paving stones. If you upgrade to stamped, color, or exposed, paver installation can run about the same price or even less in most cases. While a concrete slab can be more affordable upfront, the long term cost can almost always outweigh the initial savings.

Differences in Installation Process

Concrete slabs are somewhat easy to install, but the material takes time to dry and cure. The installation process includes excavation of the area, preparation of the foundation, setting forms, and pouring the concrete. Paving stone installations require a lot more preparation. The installation process includes excavation of the area, compaction, grading, installation of sub base and compaction, base installation and compaction, sand preparation, laying of stones, brick cuts, installing brick edge, installation of sand, compacting the stones, and finally sealing the pavers upon completion.

paving stones calgaryMaintenance and Repair

Concrete slabs are relatively easy to maintain, however, staining and cracking will often occur. Nine times out of ten, after the initial pour of the slab, your slab will crack. Please check the Calgary industry standards on concrete installation. Cracks and staining are a lot less visible on stamped, colored, and exposed concrete but still have the chance to expand. There is the option of sealing the concrete to prevent the stains coming to the surface. Spraying sealer can become very slippery if such precaution is done. Attempting to repair the crack could look like a patch job, and in most cases, it can become a bigger eyesore than it was originally. Paving stones require little care, but the joints between each stone might require a little attention from time to time. If any settling occurs, then the stones can be simply lifted and installed with a bit more sand.


best patios calgaryDurability

Concrete slabs’ longevity is greatly affected by movement. Concrete is prone to cracking and splitting if the ground beneath shifts. The surface of the concrete may  stay level for a while, but cracking is inevitable once the soil becomes unstable. Changes in temperature can also cause the concrete to expand and contract, which will also cause the concrete to crack. We all know Calgary weather, and with the never ending temperature changes, this is more common in this zone. With pavers, water rarely tends to settle onto the surface because of the numerous joints throughout the surface. With a properly graded patio installation, drainage issues should never arise. Paving stones are rated four times as strong as a typical concrete slab.

Safety and Value
Concrete surfaces can often be very slippery when wet. Additionally, this can be very dangerous if someone were to slip and fall on the hard concrete surface. Pavers are manufactured to be non-slip. This means, when the surface is wet, that kids and adults will always have traction. 

paving stones calgary

Choosing the Right Patio or Walkway Contractor In Calgary

Many Calgary walkway and patio contractors’ possess basic skills and experience to bring a landscape project to life. Every hardscape has two major components, first being the base that your new patio or walkway is being built on. Landscape contractors can save a lot on materials and time by skimping on the amount of base materials and the time spent on the base. Skipping these steps and taking the time gives paving stones a bad taste to many home owners. Pavers that sink or shift is caused by improper base installation. The best way to avoid this problem is to do your research to choose the right contractor.

Material selection is also an important step in the hardscape process. This can be a challenging choice to make while planning your new outdoor living space. Project landscape will work with you in all aspects of selections to enhance your properties unique style.

We at Project landscape take our profession seriously and invest in training our staff in all aspects of the installation process.

best patios calgary

Patio Paver Installation in Calgary

Landscaping in Calgary is becoming more popular by the day, as homeowners are extending their living areas beyond the walls of their home. Bringing your life to an outdoor living space begins with a patio, they are the key element to any landscape design. They serve as central hubs for entertaining family and friends and are often the primary location for fire pits, pergolas and outdoor kitchens.

Paving stone patios come in at a greater initial cost compared to other outdoor surfaces, such as broom finished concrete, wood decks and stamped concrete. While the cheaper surfaces are more affordable in the upfront cost the long-term for repairs will always outweigh the initial savings.

Benefits of installing a Paving Stone Patio

Paving stone selections

When it comes to paving stones the selections of colors, styles and patterns seem endless. Every year landscape suppliers are introducing new colors and products to keep up with the latest trends.


Because of their strength factor compared to concrete and the fact that they don’t make paving stones the clear choice when choosing materials for your new patio.


There is virtually no maintenance when it comes to paving stones, the upkeep is simple. We suggest sweeping the patio (paver) surface from time to time to get rid of debris and then hosing down the pavers with a garden hose. Sealing your pavers should be done every two to three years.

Paving Stone Installation In Calgary

If you are looking for a paving stone installation company in Calgary that you can trust, you have come to the right place. One of the biggest investments homeowners make in their outdoor living space is the installation of paving stones for their walkway, patio of driveway.

Not only do paving stones instantly add value to your property, they are also the starting point of many outdoor living spaces.

Driveway paver installation in Calgary

Driveways are one of the top overlooked features of your home and the first thing people see when passing. Paving stone driveways add instant curb appeal to your property. With the wide variety of color options and styles, it gives consumers the added benefit of using paving stones as their material.

Benefits of installing a paving stone driveway


Paving stones have more choices when it comes to colors, patterns and styles than any other hardscaping material, because of the large number of choices they have to offer, it gives homeowners the ideal surface when installing a new driveway. They can be used to blend into the existing landscape or the overall look of the exterior of your home.


Very little maintenance is required when it comes to paving stones. A few simple do it yourself steps for cleaning and maintaining. Simply hose off with a regular garden hose to remove dirt and debris. For tougher stains, a cleaning solution might be in order.  When installing paving stones we recommend to have the pavers sealed after the installation process and then once every 2-3 years. This will avoid staining and keep the natural look for years to come.


Paving stones are at the top of the list for strength and durability. With a higher strength rating of 8000 PSI, pavers leave concrete in the dust with a rating of 3500-4000 PSI. Another plus in the paving stones vs. concrete installation, is that concrete is almost certain to crack…especially in Calgary’s freeze-thaw cycle.

How long will a paving stone driveway last?

A properly installed sub base is the key ingredient to the longevity of your paving stone driveway. If properly installed you can expect to get from 25-50 years out of your investment.

Paving stone pool deck installation in Calgary

Swimming pools aren’t overly popular in Calgary due to the short season and climate, but nothing is more appealing then adding a swimming pool to your landscape. When it comes to having one installed one of the first questions you will be asked by your contractor is your choices for pool deck surface. Making a decision can be overwhelming with all the different choices a homeowner can choose. Project Landscape, being a qualified contractor has done the research and pavers, as described below, offer a clear advantage over other poolside surfaces.

Benefits of using paving stones for your pool deck

Using paving stones is a clear cut choice for your pool deck area. They offer so many benefits compared to concrete and other hardscape surfaces. They are safe under wet conditions, as they are non-slip and skid resistant, durable, visually appealing and resistant to spills. The maintenance on paving stones is equally impressive. A big issue with pool decks is the buildup of mildew and algae, paving stones are naturally resistant to both. They can easily be cleaned with a garden hose and scrub brush therefore not contaminating your pool with chemicals.

Landscape design for pool areas

Most Calgary pool companies put their main focus on the design and construction of the pool, not the areas surrounding them. The addition of landscape upgrades brings the pool to life, makes your vision a reality and creates an atmosphere for you and your guests.

Add on landscape features for your pool areas


Plant selections play an important role around your pool area. It’s vital to choose the right plants zoned for Calgary, often buying plants from large box stores brings down the plants survival rating. Being a professional landscape company, we rely on locally grown nurseries for all our clients’ plant selections.

Best plants to keep poolside for privacy

Many of us like privacy, especially around a swimming pool. Nobody likes to be displayed stepping in and out of their pool. Installing trees and shrubs creates the perfect privacy, without taking away the overall aesthetics of your pool area. Besides, cutting off noisy neighbors, plants also act as a wind breaker to make your poolside living more comfortable.

 Our favorite plants for poolside landscaping:

Colorado blue spruce

Norway spruce


Globe blue spruce


Calgary carpet junipers

Fire pits

I think we all can agree that fire pits and swimming pools are the ultimate addition to backyard living. Adding a fire pit poolside has a certain way of keeping entertainment into the night. Fire pits can be installed as either wood burning or set up for natural gas. Many home owners take the natural gas option due to clean up for wood burning fire pits.

Fire places

Outdoor fire places continue to be a top feature along the poolside, being the focal point in most landscapes they set the stage for outdoor living. Fire places can come pre-fabbed or be custom built to blend with your existing landscape.


Pergolas add shade and a place to sit and relax along the poolside. They create a place to entertain with friends and family and bring backyard privacy to a whole new level. By adding a pergola to your landscape and pool area, you maximize your usable outdoor living space and it brings the full value of being outdoors. They are the perfect setting for outdoor dining or a place to sit around the fire pit on cooler evenings.

Patio Lighting and Walkway Lighting

Patio Lighting and Walkway Lighting

Enhance your new or existing paver patio with patio lighting. Patio surface lighting provides safety and security, as well as bringing your patio to life for an inexpensive cost.

Get started with a FREE estimate today!

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Clean and Seal Service for paving stone patios and walkways

Project Landscape offers concrete and patio surface cleaning and sealing for those who want to keep their walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks, and outdoor  steps in pristine order. We can restore your hardscape surface from sinking by adding our polymeric sand, pressure wash, and seal to ensure they stay looking good for the years to come. Cleaning and seal services can also be used on retaining walls. We can restore the color and beauty that may have been faded over the years.

  • Pavers driveways and walkways
  • Flagstone
  • Paver patios
  • Outdoor fire places
  • Steps
  • All types of concrete
  • Retaining walls
  • Natural stone


Walkways can come in numerous different patterns and styles from paving stones, natural stone, or just simple stepping stones to name a few. Adding a paver or natural stone walkway to your front landscape is a sure-fire way to improve your home’s curb appeal, as well as quickly increase its value.

Paving stones are among the most preferred landscape materials by property owners. This is due to plenty of design options, colors, and sturdy nature. There is simply no substitute for the custom look that Calgary homeowners prefer. Call us today so you can get your FREE estimate.

Paving stone walkway installation in Calgary

Walkways can play an important role in landscape design. They add functionality and aesthetics to your property. Primarily installed to get from point A to point B, they also can open opportunities to create focal points in your yard.

Why use stone pavers for walkways?


Paving stones are naturally slip resistant, actually they exceed the requirements with an R11 rating. Another great safety feature that paving stones poses is they have the ability to add lighting.

Increasing design possibilities

With the increased interest in the use of paving stones for patios, pool decks, driveways and walkways has resulted in more styles, colors and shapes being manufactured. Virtually any home exterior can be matched to create the perfect landscape.


Properly installed landscape, not only improves the curb appeal of your home but also adds value for potential home buyers. The ROI (return on investment) can add as much as 5.5-12.7 percent.

How wide should your paving stone walkway be?

The rule of thumb is 48 inches, this will give enough room for two adults to walk side by side. Adding an extra foot to the walkway, bringing it out to 5 feet, will provide a little more comfort.

Paving stone installation advantages to your landscape:

  • Increases your property value and curb appeal
  • Non slip in all weather conditions
  • Beveled edges to prevent chipping or cracking
  • Large selection of colors, styles and patterns
  • Easy to remove and replace
  • Flexible and allows movement
  • More durable then concrete. Paving stones have a rating of 8000 PSI, where concrete tops between 4000-5000 PSI
  • Pavers have no requirements for expansion joints
  • Meets freeze-thaw standards

If you’re interested in learning more about natural stone and paving stone patios and walkways, or want to book a FREE consultation, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Clean and Seal Service

Project Landscape offers concrete and patio surface cleaning and sealing for those who want to keep their walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks, and outdoor steps in pristine order. We can restore your hardscape surface from sinking by adding our polymeric sand, pressure wash, and seal to ensure they stay looking good for the years to come. Clean and seal services can also be used on retaining walls. We can restore the color and beauty that may have been faded over the years.

Why seal your new or existing paver patio or walkway?

Sealing your paving stones gives your patio, walkway or driveway a long lasting finish. It protects your paving stones from anything foreign that might drop on it, staining from oil, leaves or any other spills. The sealing is also designed to protect your investment against weather elements such as rain, snow, ice and even the sun.

How often should I seal my pavers?

After about 2 years pavers can begin to look faded, depending on the traffic and weather elements. Sealed pavers should be re-sealed every 2-3 years. Make sure to apply the same sealer as your first application.

  • Pavers driveways and walkways
  • Flagstone
  • Paver patios
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Steps
  • All types of concrete
  • Retaining walls
  • Natural stone

Why Choose Project Landscape For Your Paving Stone Patio or Walkway?

Patios and walkways are the foundation of any outdoor living space. Patios serve as central hubs for family and friends they serve as areas to relax and inspire other outdoor improvements, such as Pergolas, fire pits, outdoor fire places, planting and landscape lighting. Often adding a water feature along your patio helps enhance a unique style.