Why choose Project Landscape for your residential lawn care company:

Project Landscape has been performing residential maintenance through-out Calgary and surrounding areas years with over 2 decades of combined experience. Our knowledgeable staff has what it takes to keep your property looking pristine all season long.  We offer a comprehensive, yearlong solution for any Calgary home. Imagine not having to worry about lawn cutting, garden beds, fertilizing, trees or the best time to perform these maintenance tasks.  For a truly worry-free experience in landscape maintenance call Project Landscape today and take back your weekends.

Our full attention is dedicated to you, the residential home owner, and we are committed to providing you the best customer service and level of convenience you have never experienced from a landscape company before.

Lawn Care Services

Spring Cleanup & Fall Cleanup

Deep Core Aeration & Overseeding

Lawn Health Care

Bed Maintenance

Mulch Installation

Landscape Maintenance

Weekly Lawn Maintenance