A well-placed and designed water feature can add movement, sound, and a cooling element to your outdoor living space. The applications for water features are seemingly endless in the landscape.

If your goal is to add some subtle sound and movement to your outdoor seating area, a water feature can create unmatched ambiance. We offer the following: 

  • Waterfalls and stream beds
  • Garden ponds
  • Dry creek beds
  • Columns and bubblers
  • Aquatic gardens

Patio Ponds

Project Landscape patio ponds make it simple to have a water garden in almost any setting. Creating beautiful planted water bowls or container water gardens has never been easier.


Imagine a slip-resistant surface that only enhances the look of your playground, splash pad, patio, pool deck, entrance or walkway but also provides comfort, resilience, and style!

  • Residential applications
  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Pool decks, hot tub pads, and splash pads
  • Entranceways, walkways, patios
  • Playgrounds
  • Logos and designs
  • Garage surface and driveways
  • Interiors
  • Sport courts

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