The contractor warrants that the work performed for the project shall be conducted in a professional, competent and safe manner with good workmanship, which performance meets or exceeds industry standards, and shall provide a 2 year workmanship warranty. (Contractor Warranty) warranting that the installation of products shall be free from defects of workmanship from the date of installation of the product for a period of 2 years from (Warranty Period) of normal use. If the defects are determined to be within the scope of the Contractor Warranty, The Contractor will make the necessary repairs at the Contractors expense.  The contractor specifically does not warrant the installed products.

Stones Patios and Pathways

All patios are covered against any major shifting or settling for 2 years.  It is the intention during construction to expect up to 1” of settlement over the patio life.

Patios can sink if water is continuously dripping on it in the same place, Project Landscape is not responsible for this kind of damage due to neglect, but we can fix it at a fair price.

If polymer sand is used in the patios, Project Landscape is not responsible for any “staining” that may be a result of the application, some product is slightly defective and can cause a “greying” of the stones.

Every year it is a good idea to sweep sand into patios where the sand has settled.  Ask us to leave some extra polymer sand which is easily applied or call us to apply it for you, free of charge for the first 2 years.

Retaining Walls and Stairs

Retaining walls are covered against any major heaving or sinking for 2 years.

Project Landscape builds drainage into all major walls to prevent heaving, this is extremely robust, however you cannot have excessive amounts of water behind the wall. If a drain spout or leaking hose is behind the wall it must be relocated or warranty is void.

Woodwork – Decks, Fences, Privacy screens, Arbors and Pergolas

All woodwork is covered from major structural defects for 2 years.
All wood dries once it is installed, 99% of the time there are no problems, however sometimes the wood can twist and crack.  Project Landscape is not responsible for this naturally occurring phenomenon, however if some of the wood does dry poorly, call us and we will provide 1 complimentary warranty call to replace the affected pieces.
All wood products weather naturally.  Pressure -treated, composite and cedar will fade. Project Landscape is not responsible for regular maintenance/staining after construction.


All parts and labor have a 2 year warranty.

The irrigation system must be blown out before the first freeze in the fall.

All zones must be shut off for the winter.

The water main must be turned off for the winter.

The system must be started in the spring and all heads and drip lines must be checked for alignment.


Mulch biodegrades every year.  You must add new mulch every second year due to this process.

Call us anytime and we can easily and at a low cost bring you some additional mulch to top off and freshen up your gardens.

Low Maintenance Areas – Weeds

Weed barrier is not a permanent solution for weeds.  It only reduces the presence of weeds.  You must ensure no one is ripping or digging in the barrier.

For the weed barrier (4.5 oz. fabric) to be effective, any organic matter on top of the barrier must be removed, as weeds will grow in organic matter on top of an effective barrier if not properly maintained.

A regime of weed control products or manual weeding is the only way to prevent weeds.  Please read the weed control products instructions before application.

When a maintenance free area is being planned in a previously weed infested area, or bordering a weedy area the homeowner should do their best to eliminate the worst of the weeds prior to construction to ensure the best chance of weed elimination.

Shrubs, Perennials, and Trees

There is a 1 yr. limited warranty on the trees and shrubs installed by Project Landscape, and maintained per the standards below.
Newly installed landscape plants will suffer transplant shock, particularly during the hot summer months. It is imperative that plants receive proper care to minimize stress. Upon installation, it is then the responsibility of the owner to supply the plant with sufficient water and fertilizer (as needed) to keep them healthy.  Trees and shrubs are warranted for one year from date of installation, and will be replaced once within the warranty period, should they die.
Project Landscape assumes no liability for replacement of plants killed or damaged by pests, insect infestation, abnormal weather conditions, or other conditions beyond our control.
This warranty shall be void and will not apply to any plants which were originally installed by Project Landscape, then subsequently repaired, adjusted, moved or modified by an individual or entity other than Project Landscape Ltd.

Terms and Conditions

All warranty issues must be submitted to Project Landscape through our warranty request form, outlining the problem, with pictures and the desired solution.

Project Landscape can not be held responsible for damage caused to landscapes by acts of nature or 3rd party damage.  All landscapes are constructed to endure typical conditions, but can not be expected to withstand extreme flooding, tornados, fire or damage caused by others such as car crashes or vandalism.

Project Landscape can not be held responsible for damage to underground sprinklers or lighting that are not properly marked.

Project Landscape will provide a maximum of 2 complimentary warranty calls pertaining to the same issue during the 2 years.

Best Price Guarantee

On landscape projects $10,000 and up, we will match and better a recognized competitor’s quote by 10%. At Project Landscape, we are constantly reviewing and negotiating preferred pricing arrangements with our suppliers & trade partners to get you the best value for your money. We are so confident about our pricing that we guarantee you the lowest price for your overall landscape project while delivering our unsurpassed level of quality, service and transparency.

Terms & Conditions of Best Price Guarantee

This best price guarantee applies to landscape projects based on identical work scopes, specifications, and products, levels of finish, service and quality. Best price Guarantee applies to overall total project price and not individual components contained therein. All recognized competitors quotes are subject to verification by Project Landscape before honoring this offer. All original documents from recognized competitor’s quotes must be presented to Project Landscape prior to verification, execution of any contract or commencement of work. This price Guarantee excludes insurance claims, free offers, gifts with purchase, gift cards, gift certificates, rebates, clearance or close out prices, credit or financing programs, used, damaged or display merchandise or products. This price guarantee cannot be combined with any other offer.