Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting: Put a Spotlight on Your Calgary Landscape

You’ve dedicated time and effort to transform your outdoor areas into a serene retreat.

Don’t let dusk diminish the beauty of your enhancements.

Our skilled design and construction teams are ready to showcase your landscape upgrades with sophisticated landscape lighting solutions.

Offering a variety of lighting strategies and products, we’ll devise a tailored plan that accentuates your garden, brightens outdoor cooking areas and patios, and harmonizes with your home’s architecture. Implementing a landscape lighting scheme adds a refined flair to your exteriors, enabling loved ones to relish extended outdoor gatherings.

With a blend of pathway lights, accent lighting, and practical illumination, we create the perfect ambiance for your outdoor living spaces, ensuring the enchantment of Calgary’s mild evenings can be fully appreciated without the inconvenience of darkness.

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Accent Lights

Accent Lights

Outdoor accent lighting is thoughtfully engineered to project light upwards, enhancing the natural beauty and architectural features of your landscape. These lights are perfect for spotlighting trees, expansive shrubs, majestic boulders, or intricate stone walls, adding depth and dimension to your outdoor spaces

Pathway Lights

Pathway Lights

Path lights, often referred to as pathway lights, are designed to cast a warm, welcoming glow along walkways, ensuring safe passage while also showcasing the beauty of low-growing plants and flowers in landscape beds. These lights not only enhance visibility for safety after dark but also add a charming ambiance to your outdoor spaces, inviting leisurely evening strolls through your garden.

Deck & Patio Lights

Deck & Patio Lights

Our deck and patio lights are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, engineered to withstand all weather conditions while providing a consistent, clear illumination. These integrated lighting solutions enhance the ambiance of your outdoor spaces, ensuring that beauty and functionality go hand in hand, regardless of the weather.

Pergola & Privacy Screen Lighting

Pergola/Privacy Screens

Elevate your backyard oasis by spotlighting pergolas and privacy screens, transforming them into standout features of your outdoor retreat. Our lighting solutions are designed to accentuate these structures, casting them in a captivating light that not only enhances their beauty but also creates an inviting atmosphere. By highlighting these areas, you can add depth and character to your backyard, making these architectural elements the focal points that draw admiration and gather guests.

Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape lighting

Hardscape lighting consists of discrete fixtures designed to enhance tight spaces, seamlessly blending into stone or brickwork to add depth and dimension.

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