Organic Based Fertilizer:                                             

Project Landscape offers a full season lawn care program that offers several advantages over chemical lawn programs. Many of the chemical fertilizers out there are the equivalent of GMO foods or steroids in that they are engineered to be a cheaper option that can instantly render results. Project Landscape realizes your turf is important to you and the environment, which is why we take great pride in offering the right services and the right info, so you as a customer can make the right choice.

We try to reduce traditional lawn care materials whenever possible and use organic products to create healthier lawns while being responsible to the environment. Organic fertilizer is actually soil food, where chemical fertilizers feed the plants directly – but much of the chemical fertilizer runs off into lakes, rivers and groundwater. This is a way to treat your yard, but only with temporary remedies. Project Landscape focuses on not only treating the symptoms, but addressing the issues from unhealthy soil beneath.

Advantages to Organic based fertilizers

  • Organic fertilizers improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to hold water and nutrients
  • Organic fertilizers will make your lawns soil and plants healthier and strong
  • There environmentally friendly and safe for your family
  • Little to no risk of toxic build up of chemicals

Top dressing:

When to top dress your lawn

Top dressing your lawn can be done any time in the active growing season. Ideally in the fall is the best time alongside aeration and over-seeding.

Top dressing and aeration combo

There is nothing that improves the soil condition like top dressing and with core aeration reducing soil compaction, allowing the soil from top dressing to get down to the plant roots, these two services go hand in hand for proper lawn health care.

Top dressing to improve the soil in your lawn

Maintaining a healthy lawn isn’t as easy task, especially with Calgary’s weather and short seasons. Addressing the underlying issues, unhealthy soil can be even more difficult.

The soil condition is the key element to a green healthy surface. Offering lawn care programs that are built to focus on improving soil health will cause your lawn to require less water, grow thicker, will reduce weeds and damaging insects, all while adding an environmental responsibility.

Benefits to top dressing your lawn

  • Repairs low spots, settling and erosion
  • Smoothing the lawn surface.
  • Helps control thatch.
  • Improves the soil.
  • Improves drainage over time with repeated applications.
  • Helps in renovating or over seeding.
  • Protects the grass over winter.

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