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      How to Create a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

      On a crisp morning in Calgary, as the last patches of snow reluctantly receded, the local gardening enthusiast noticed the first prairie crocus poking through the thawing ground. This hardy native flower was more than just a sign of spring; it was a beacon for the early bumblebees emerging from their winter dormancy. Watching these […]

      Adding an Irrigation System: The Smart Choice For Calgary Homeowners

      Table of Contents Introduction In the vibrant city of Calgary, where the beauty of nature meets urban living, homeowners take pride in their outdoor spaces. At Project Landscape, we understand that maintaining a lush, healthy lawn and garden is not just about aesthetics; it’s about making smart choices that align with our unique climate and […]

      What Is Hardscaping, And How Can It Enhance My Property?

      The design of landscapes involves H, an essential feature that uses inanimate objects to improve open spaces’ use, beauty, and attraction. Unlike landscaping that concentrates on living things such as plants, trees, and grass, hardy landscaping consists of many other structures like patios, walkways, retaining walls, decks, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, water features, and decorative constructions. […]

      7 ways to make your landscape stand out in calgary

      Table of contents: 1. Landscape lighting 2. Think Vertical 3. The Perfect combo of hardscaping & Softscaping 4. Create a Focal point in your landscape 5. Adding Native Plants 6. The addition of paving stone walkways and patios 7. Create edging for your garden beds 1. Landscape Lighting: Enhancing your home’s beauty reaches new heights […]

      Modern Landscape Design With Artificial Turf

      Project Landscape – Leading Calgary Landscaping Experts Table of Contents Introduction Artificial Turf in Modern Landscaping Integration with Hardscaping Enhancing Outdoor Living Spaces Installation and Maintenance Tips Conclusion Introduction In the realm of modern landscape design, the fusion of functionality with aesthetic appeal has become increasingly significant. At the heart of this trend in Calgary […]

      Layer your Landscape With Garden Bed walls

      Table of Contents 1. Introduction Welcome to our latest blog post from Project Landscape, based in the vibrant city of Calgary! Today, we’re exploring an exciting aspect of landscaping – garden bed walls. These features are not just visually appealing but also bring a multitude of benefits to your outdoor space. Join us as we […]

       Top 6 Trends For Calgary Garden Bed Edging

      Table of Contents: 1. Paver edge border 2. Large natural stone rocks 3. Raised garden bed walls 4. Decorative concrete curbing 5. Wood edge borders 6. Brick edging Paver Edge Border: Enhance the beauty of your garden beds with a paver edge border. These versatile and stylish landscaping elements not only add a polished look […]

      Maximizing Small Spaces: Innovative Deck and Landscaping Ideas for compact Yards

      Are you tired of feeling confined by your small outdoor space, yearning for a lush oasis but unsure where to begin? Do you gaze longingly at sprawling yards, wishing you could enjoy the same luxury of space and freedom? Fear not, for in the world of landscaping, size matters not! Small yards hold immense potential […]

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