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At Project Landscape Ltd., our premier landscaping services will increase the value and overall aesthetic of your home. We use quality brands, and unique products to help keep your lawn healthy, and your home looking incredible. This means an overall better living experience for you and your family.

At Project Landscape Ltd., our premier landscaping services will increase the value and overall aesthetic of your home. We use quality brands, and unique products to help keep your lawn healthy, and your home looking incredible. This means an overall better living experience for you and your family.

Calgary Commercial Lawn Care



We strive to develop long term partnerships through our professional staff, from initial planning to out multi-year maintenance programs. You’ll be very comfortable with our ability to meet every need with an expert professional solution.

After service follow up via written report or in person is an important part of the equation. For us, it is imperative that we deliver services as promised and on schedule. Our customers have come to expect that from us and we will accept nothing less.

We are committed and take great pride in our work. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and following specifications. 100% Customer Satisfaction.


  • Turf management
  • Aeration and overseeding
  • Fertilizer and weed control
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Seasonal color
  • Mulch applications
  • Litter pick ups
  • Fall clean ups
  • Spring clean ups
  • Pruning
  • Snow and Ice management


There’s nothing nicer than a fresh, green lawn. A regular regimen of vigilant care is needed to keep lawns looking clean and vibrant.

Project landscape believes the state of your landscape speaks volumes about your property. A well maintained landscape plays a vital role in creating first impressions for visitors, tenants and employees. Our partnership ensures your landscape needs are covered with a comprehensive landscape maintenance plan designed to meet your needs. Our top rated landscape management services have you covered; we are your one stop provider that takes care of it all – property maintenance, snow and ice management, debris removal to parking lot maintenance.

Project Landscape can take on the responsibilities that maintaining a healthy lawn entails by:

  • Filling in bare or week areas of turf with proper seeding, preventing weeds from taking root.
  • Reducing soil compaction, water runoff and turf disease with proper aeration.
  • Reducing turf loss and water consumption in a methodical way by installing, replacing or repairing irrigation systems.
  • Making your lawn a bright and vibrant green with a fertilization formula or natural compost.
  • Knowing your turf’s soil composition to bring out the best your lawn can offer.

At Project Landscape, we want our customers to only think about their landscaping when admiring its beauty. The look of a beautifully landscaped and maintained property you need is within reach. Call the experts at Project Landscape.



Project Landscape understands the importance of retail properties through-out the Calgary real estate market. These properties also account for more every day traffic and more wear and tear then other commercial properties.Commercial Lawn Care in calgary


Homeowner associations need a special type of care. Property managers and board of directors are presented with a new set of challenges from week to week. Project Landscape works with both the property managers and the board members to solve any challenges that come up and turn them into opportunities.  We realize that every property is different and needs its own unique care, that’s why we customize our commercial landscape maintenance programs to meet those needs.


Even industrial properties need attention, although they lack visitors they still need to be well maintained. Here at Project Landscape we have the experience of maintaining industrial properties in Calgary winters and through-out the seasons.


Multi- family properties need a unique approach. Staying on budget can be a stressful task for property managers, with the unpredictable Calgary weather and other speed bumps along the way. Project Landscape offers a wide variety of commercial services for multi-family sites to keep current tenants happy, cut vacancy rates and command prime rents.


Clients and customers appreciate the “curb appeal” of a well-kept property. A beautiful work environment has been proven to increase employee productivity offering a more pleasant atmosphere for the work place which can encourage a more favorable attitude.

We can also provide your facility with custom displays of annual or perennial flowers. If installed right, seasonal color, can cut vacancy rates, reduce stress, build your image, command prime rents, boost property value, welcome visitors, and deliver returns that will justify your investment.


Professional ground maintenance makes all the difference in your commercial property’s curb appeal. Because turf maintenance is our company’s focus, the services we offer are unmatched. Developing a proper landscape maintenance plan is essential to protecting your property’s investment. We take pride in being one of the premier landscape maintenance companies in Calgary; our goal is to give your property the reputation it deserves.

We offer a full array of landscape maintenance services, from weekly lawn cutting, fertilizer and weed control to landscape upgrades that meet specific business and budgetary needs. Project landscape also offers multi-year landscape budgeting plans so our commercial clients can forecast their landscape expenses from year to year.

A well maintained property speaks volume about you, your business and what’s important to you, from the ground up. Project Landscape will work with you every step of the way to ensure your current and future visions for your property become a reality.

We’re not happy unless you’re happy

Nothing is more important to us than getting the job done right. We’ll have a crew foreman that is assigned to you, to do a final walk-through to make sure nothing has been missed.

Clear communication – Don’t waste your time and energy on the chasing game or follow ups. We keep an open line of communication and fulfill our promises.

A one stop shop – In addition to our landscape maintenance crews, we offer a full range of landscape specialists, including landscape construction experts, landscape design services, scheduled litter pickups, parking lot sweeping and irrigation crews to name a few.

VIP treatment – When you sign up with us, you go right to the top of our priority list. We make sure that all your needs are met and scheduled properly to give you peace of mind.

Gold Standard – A genuine care for the aesthetics of your landscaping continues to be a constant drive in our pursuit of sustained perfection in every aspect of our business. Working side by side to create a vision that is truly your own.


Safety is always at the top of our minds through every season. Calgary’s unpredictable weather can cause safety concerns for visitors, employee’s and tenants. Having a safety program and training our crews in these situations helps prevent any potential problems that may arise.

Safety in all aspects of our work, whether it be snow removal, lawn maintenance or simply walking across the parking lot are a regular practice at Project Landscape. Knowing the hazards on site, both visible and non-visible, are only an indication that you are aware of the hazards, not necessarily educated in the proper actions required to avoid injuries. Here at Project Landscape, it is of the utmost importance that all parties on a commercial site where work is in progress thoroughly understand the dangers present and the proper course of action required to mitigate the possibility of accidental falls, slips and trips.

 Proper training of our staff and continued maintenance of the equipment used continues to keep clearly avoidable mishaps, avoided! A constant concern for one another’s well being creates an atmosphere where everyone is looking out for everyone. A job well done isn’t well done until everyone is home safe.


We understand that your landscaping is only as good as it is maintained and our trained staff works to protect your investment. What sets us apart from the other landscape/maintenance companies is that we put a priority on building a strong working relationship with our customers. Effective and consistent communication is a must in landscaping and maintenance. Knowing ahead of time how our crews will be servicing an account is a big relief to our customers.

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