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Project landscape A Heritage Pointe Landscape Company

Table of Contents:

1. Looking For A Heritage Pointe Landscape Company? 

2. Why Use Our Heritage Pointe Landscape Services?

3. What Type Of Landscaping Does Project Landscape Offer In Heritage Pointe?

4. Project Landscape – Top Landscape Installation & Design in Pointe 

Looking For A Heritage Pointe Landscape Company? 

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable and proficient landscape installer in Heritage Pointe, look no further.

Project Landscape has earned a stellar reputation as the preferred Heritage Pointe landscape company, endorsed by both industry suppliers and our happy customers. We’ve worked with numerous homeowners in Heritage Pointe and the surrounding Calgary areas, delivering landscape designs and installations that consistently achieve top-tier quality. Our projects are designed to cater to the distinct needs and desires of our clients and their families.

At Project Landscape, we place great emphasis on understanding and catering to the specific requirements of each client. As a Heritage Pointe landscape contractor, we excel in crafting custom landscapes that are designed to complement and enhance each client’s home environment.

Why Use Our Heritage Pointe Landscape Services?

Project Landscape is committed to creating beautiful landscapes at affordable prices. What sets our approach to landscape building near Heritage Pointe apart is our focus on the client experience, not just the design and build aspects. We aim to make the entire process smooth and worry-free for our clients and their families.

Our adaptability distinguishes us as a top Heritage Pointe landscape company. We collaborate intimately with each client, accommodating their specific needs and tastes. At Project Landscape, we start by turning our clients’ dreams into detailed landscape designs, making sure their visions are precisely captured and realized.

What Type Of Landscaping Does Project Landscape Offer In Heritage Pointe?

In Heritage Pointe, transforming your home’s outdoor space offers a wide and exciting range of possibilities. Homeowners are now looking beyond traditional decks, patios, and hardscapes, choosing innovative options to create a stunning and functional outdoor retreat. Project Landscape of Heritage Pointe specializes in designing and building exquisite patios and hardscapes, tailored to improve your lifestyle and significantly boost the value of your property.

Some Landscape Features We Can Add To Your Heritage Pointe Backyard

Paving Stone Patios:

Our custom-designed patios in Heritage Pointe offer endless possibilities to enhance your outdoor living area. We can integrate a variety of hardscape features such as pergolas, seating walls, and fire pits into your patio design. Additionally, we’re adept at building functional and aesthetically pleasing elements like retaining walls, decorative pillars, and hardscape stairs and steps, all of which contribute to both the usability and attractiveness of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Fire Features: 

Consider incorporating fire features such as fireplaces or fire pits into your patio or deck to elevate your outdoor living experience. These elements not only provide warmth and create a cozy ambiance but also act as eye-catching focal points in your outdoor space. With our extensive experience, we have the skills to design and build beautiful patios that seamlessly blend with your area, enhancing your home’s value.

Water Features:

Adding a water feature to your Heritage Pointe landscape is an excellent choice for bringing a tranquil and peaceful vibe to your outdoor area. The soft murmur of water can provide a calming effect, turning your garden into a peaceful haven. Be it a quaint fountain, an ornate pond, or a gentle waterfall, a water feature not only boosts the visual charm of your property but also serves as a central spot for unwinding and delight in your backyard.

Landscape Lighting:

Brighten up your outdoor living space with the addition of landscape lighting to your Heritage Pointe property. This upgrade does more than just light up your evenings; it creates a warm, inviting ambiance in your outdoor area, perfect for those night-time gatherings or quiet evenings spent outside. Landscape lighting not only enhances the beauty of your surroundings after dark but also increases safety and security, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space with peace of mind. It’s a delightful way to extend the enjoyment of your yard well into the night.


Every pergola we create is custom-designed to fit perfectly into your unique outdoor living space. These structures add an appealing design element and can also be ingeniously built to offer shade for your deck or patio. However, we understand that shading might not be a priority for everyone, so our designers will work closely with you to figure out if this feature is important for your specific needs.

Project Landscape – Top Landscape Installation & Design in Pointe 

Curious about what we can do for your Heritage Pointe property as landscape contractors? Start off by asking for a no-strings-attached quote. Just fill out the quick quote form on our site, and we’ll get back to you with an estimate for your project in no time. Got more questions? Just give Project Landscape a shout either through our phone or website.

Want the best for your home? Go with Project Landscape, the top Heritage Pointe landscape contractor, and get a custom landscape design made just for your family, pronto.

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