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Exotic decks

Welcome to the vibrant world of Project Landscape, where we turn your backyard dreams into reality. As the most experienced Ipe deck and porch builders in the city, we’re here to guide you through the journey of creating your perfect outdoor space. From our unparalleled warranty program to our award-winning carpentry team, we ensure every step of your project is handled with expertise and care. Let’s dive into what makes us stand out in the world of deck design and construction.

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  1. Building Your Deck Is Easy When You Hire Project Landscape
  2. Premium Deck Services by Top Calgary Deck Contractors
  3. Our Seamless Process For All Your Deck Needs

1. Building Your Deck Is Easy When You Hire Project Landscape

At Project Landscape, we believe in making your deck building experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we offer “The Project Landscape Guarantee” – a warranty program that ensures your peace of mind long after the project is completed. We handle all the nitty-gritty details, from securing building permits to employing award-winning carpenters who bring your vision to life. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a deck; you’re getting a commitment to excellence.image.png

2. Premium Deck Services by Top Calgary Deck Contractors

Customized Deck Designs: Your deck should be as unique as you are. Our team specializes in creating customized designs that reflect your personal style and fit seamlessly with your outdoor living space.

Structural Integrity and Safety: We don’t just build decks; we craft lasting structures that prioritize your safety and the longevity of your investment. Our decks are engineered to withstand Calgary’s unique climate, giving you a space that’s safe and durable.

Deck Upgrades and Additions: Looking to elevate your existing deck? We offer a variety of upgrades and additions, from built-in seating to sophisticated lighting solutions, to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Complete Outdoor Living Spaces: Beyond decks, we design and construct complete outdoor living areas that cater to all your entertainment and relaxation needs. Imagine a custom fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or even a luxurious spa area, all integrated into your deck design.

3. Our Seamless Process For All Your Deck Needs

Design and Planning: Every great deck starts with a plan. Our team works with you to decide on the size, style, and materials, ensuring the final design meets your expectations and lifestyle.

Site Preparation and Foundation Setting: We prepare your site with precision, ensuring a solid foundation for your deck. This step is crucial for a stable and enduring structure.

Frame Construction: Our carpenters construct your deck frame with attention to detail, ensuring every part is perfectly aligned and secured.

Decking and Railings Installation: We meticulously install your decking and railings, focusing on aesthetics and longevity. The result is a beautiful, functional space that complements your home.

Thorough Walkthrough: Upon completion, we’ll walk you through your new deck, discussing maintenance, safety features, and any questions you might have. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Ready to embark on the journey to your dream deck? Visit us at Project Landscape or explore our Exotic Wood Deck options. For a personal consultation or to get an estimate, dial 403-257-4059. Let’s create an outdoor space where life’s best moments can unfold.

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